What to look out for in a contract

I always think that it is a good idea to run a contract by your lawyer, spending a few bucks on solid legal advice can save you from costly (in time and money) pitfalls which a lawyer can help prevent. What you need to look out for next time you...Read more

Monopoly: the board game- lessons!

I hope that whilst you are reading this that you have good memories of playing monopoly, if not I suggest you go for a round. There are vast lessons we can learn from this game. Just like in reality you will notice how as the game goes on- some people...Read more

Your terms must be clear as day

As a lawyer, one of the most serious places where we find issues with clients’ cases are when their own terms are not clear. There is generally no issue when terms and conditions protect both parties as long as everyone knows where they stand in the beginning and what is...Read more

What to consider before sending a lawyer’s letter

Sending a lawyer’s letter can be a difficult decision to make for the following reasons: 1. what cost are you going to incur? 2. do you think it will affect the relationship with the client? The answer, in our view: we’ve created a cost effective method for step #1- the...Read more