“Work smart, not hard
There hasn’t been a time where this saying is so true as it is today. The amount of tasks for any growing business is endless.
In order to accomplish as much as you can you need to have the right tools for the job.
These tools make you more effective and ensure that your success is achievable.
We selected 5 tools we think every small business should be using to stay organised, efficient and lean.

mean business

Google Web Apps
The google suit of gmail, analytics, keyword search and google trends can give you a wealth of information for who your customers are,
what they are looking for and where they are coming from.
This allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns and products to your customers which gives you a higher chance of selling.
Google Keyword planner allows you to determine traffic levels for different search terms
Its more than just a note book for scribbling ideas down.
Evernote connects across all your worktops and devices (phone, laptop, tablet)
Its a great tool for taking notes in meetings, doing research on the go
I know you can take notes on google docs as well but Evernote is more than just a tool for scribbling down ideas.
its an on the go storage system, save and share file attachments, reminders, voice memos.
Take the time to learn it (I got it right on my 2nd attempt!).
Online accounting system
A good accounting system is important to ensure that your business runs efficiently.
This helps for invoicing, managing payments, cash flow and stock.
We suggest online accounting systems so that you can work on the go and not worry about having to get information when you need.
Our favorites are Sage, Fresh Books, Xero
Legal letter/ Debt Collection Service
The next step in the accounting pipeline is actually getting paid.
Cash flow is the lifeblood and oxygen of any business.
When clients take too long to pay it hinders your business’s efforts to grow.
But for those difficult clients who take long to pay there is a solution.
You Are served
An online legal debt collection service.
You can, in less than a minute, populate and send a legal letter to all your clients that are’t paying on time.
Social Media Scheduler
As a business owner there is an endless list of tasks for you to accomplish.
Posting on social media is a must for all modern businesses
The problem is that it takes time and planning to be efficient and have the most impact
The solution is to plan ahead so that your posts are timely and organized.
Planning ahead also lets you create a journey and prepare your marketing message better.
Great web apps are
Buffer, UmUn, Hootsuite, Coschedule
What are some of your favorite tools and apps that help you achieve success?