The Startup journey is a rocky one, these are the steps you need to consider.

  1. The idea- this is the easiest part. Ideas are not worth much unless converted to action.
  2. Getting started: first step in making the idea into something real.
  3. Product (or service offering)- development, design, packaging, delivery, costs (and the not-so-apparent costs such as labor, tax, storage etc).
  4. Starting capital and how you are going to raise it and pay it back.
  5. Market research and competition analysis.
  6. People: co-founders or employees- who are you going to work with? Working with others complicates matters but adds value when you combine skills/capital/etc. A good (trustworthy) co-worder is invaluable.
  7. Growth plan.
  8. Sales and marketing.
  9. Legal and finance aspects.
  10. Looks for ways to innovate and use innovative tech/methods (that’s where we came from),
  11. Staying alive, especially before generating profit.