When you deal with chain stores or department stores especially it is worthwhile getting a merchandising company to assist in-store.

Two simple benefits:

  • You don’t have to do it, they are your watchdog for your products;
  • They know the store so can make sure that your products are placed correctly.

What a merchandiser does:

  1. making sure your products are properly placed in stores (hopefully get you good shelf real-estate. Ie: visible and at eye-level)
  2. ensuring that stock levels are maintained and not depleted (and that backup stock is available on short notice)
  3. checking prices and labels are displayed correctly
  4. checking that packaging is not damaged and that goods are presented well, and if they are damaged: liaising with you and the store to remedy
  5. Liaising with the store and educating their sales team on your product
  6. Provide you with valuable information on current trends and spying out what your competitors are up to
  7. Giving feedback to you about how you can maximise sales.

A shelf is a piece of property. You want prime property.