Everyone wants that large corner office on the 27th floor overlooking the city. But until you get there…

Open plan shared offices verses private offices.

Open plan (shared) offices are the pick of large corporates mainly because they are much more cost effective and are able to fit more people in the space. Cost per person is way less than having private offices and it is a lot more practical than having a bunch of rabbit-holes. It also creates company culture being able to interact with others.

Shared offices offer the ability to easily chat (productively and not), bounce ideas, help when stuck and keep a check on fellow employees. It takes a lot more balls to put your head down and sleep in a shared office! You may just have to out up with loud mouths, pen thieves, the stench of your desk-neighbor’s lunch and other office politics.

A private office is nice when you want your own space and to be able to close the door for quiet concentration or confidentiality. It is convenient to choose when and if you would like to interact.

The newish trend is the collaborative workspaces such as WeWork who market themselves as giving entrepreneurs the ability to network with like-minded people, enjoy top facilities in a flexible but corporate environment and on top of that pay less than you would for your own office.


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